Manus McGuire

Manus McGuire presents his latest work, Fiddlewings. It has been influenced by his love of the music from Ireland, Scotland, Shetland and Cape Breton.

Fiddlewings, the second solo fiddle recording of Manus McGuire was released in May 2006. McGuire, from Sligo in the north-west of Ireland, but now resident in East Clare, takes us in full flight on the wings of his fiddle to Scotland, Shetland, Cape Breton and Ireland and in so doing brings many years of experience to his music as well as an understanding of the traditions and a deep love and respect for the music he plays.

“As with his classic, Saffron and Blue {2000}, he again distinguishes himself as one of the great musicians and composers of our time and gives an elegant listening and teaching tool to fiddle players, musicians and teachers alike. Fiddlewings is a top-flight performance given by a master at work.”

--- Seamus Connolly, Chair of Irish Music, Boston College

“Fiddlewings exudes class from first to last note played. Variety, virtuosity and vitality are the lasting impressions created by this recording”

--- Earle Hitchner, Irish Echo, New York.

“ When the buyer purchases this album, he or she is getting in on not only a wonderful piece of work, but a musician at the peak of his powers.”

---Bill Margeson, Irish Music Magazine / Irish American News, Chicago.

“A fascinating mosaic of the big fiddle traditions from across the Celtic world”

--- Alex Monaghan, Living Tradition Magazine.

liveireland awarded Manus McGuire male musician of the year 2007 as noted on their site.